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Updated on :    01.08.2018

        This Site is an informative presentation of Accounting, Personnel-Payroll, Taxation, Company Efficiency Analysis, Reporting, Banking / Leasing Documentation Consultancy Services provided by our company SERFINCON LM.
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        Since the services offered by Serfincon LM are customized according to the needs of each client, please ask for more information directly from the Contact Page of our website, or by email / phone, at the address or numbers displayed on the same page “Contact”.

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SERFINCON LM website uses cookies for the purpose of Site Performance Analysis.

The cookies used by the Serfincon LM site provide the following information: Number of visitors, which country they are, what type of device they used (tablet, mobile, computer), what browser (IE, Mozilla, Chrome etc), if they have revisited the site or are “unique” visitors.
The IP of the visitor shows only the IP allocated by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) and NOT the person to whom it was assigned, being secured by ISP providers.
The Serfincon LM Site may use Video, Photo, or Text content of other websites / “thirds” (with public or private content) and CAN NOT dispose on that cookies and how they are used by these “third parties”

Serfincon LM can manage only cookies issued/ created by the servers which host its website.

Serfincon LM may provide data collected by the Website Analysis Service only to Authorized State Authorities under the terms of the law (with user notification) or to the User of the site on “Written Request“, which should include the IP of the issuer of the application, along with other identification and verification data. The request must be sent from the Contact Page.
If you do NOT agree to the Cookies Policy of the Serfincon LM site, please discontinue using / visiting it.
Returning to this site and / or continuing site navigation will be considered ACCEPTANCE OF OUR COOKIE POLICY!

In our economic activity, our Website may also collect other types of data, this time personal, namely: First Name, First Name and Email Address. They are used to obtain by the applicant the information, additional information, price offers when using the contact form on the Contact page.  

IF YOU DO NOT WISH THAT the DATA included in the Contact form will be processed, PLEASE USE OUR PHONE NUMBERS from our Contact Page !  DON’T SEND Emails!   

Receiving price offers, information about products and / or services provided by our company does not attract the obligation to supply / purchase them. The provision / purchase will be done on the basis of negotiations and the conclusion of a subsequent written agreement, which will contain all the necessary information for the commercial practices (order / contract, invoice, price, term and place of delivery, payment method, guarantees, etc.) 

Subsequently COLLECTED DATA, for the performance of the object of activity, the correct and accurate supply of the requested service, of the commercial practices, shall be made for the purpose stipulated by the Commercial and Fiscal Law in force on that date, in compliance with it.
Used in official legal documents, these data will be retained in accordance with the law for the duration of the obligation to keep each type of document separately.

Serfincon LM DOES NOT SELL / RENT PERSONAL DATA COLLECTED by the site to ENTITIES / ORGANIZATIONS, regardless of its organizational form or the purpose for which it was established.
DATA may be TRANSFERRED / COMMUNICATED to State authorities in the event and in compliance with applicable laws, as well as to their holders upon request. The request for communication it will be made from the Contact Page. 

Because the technology is evolving rapidly, the services become more complex and the legislation is changing frequently, certain collected data can also be used in the information campaigns, offering products and services of our company by email or sms.

The right to interfere with your data is respected by Serfincon LM, in accordance with the EU GDPR Regulation 679/2016 and you may request at any time Modification or Deletion of this data from the Database by email directly from the Contact Form by sending a message with the Subject “GDPR -DATA MODIFICATION “or” GDPR-DELETE DATA “for your name and email address. In case of such a request, you will be contacted to confirm the request, thus avoiding any fraudulent solicitation.

3. DMCA (Copyright)

The entire content of our site is protected by the Copyright Act, all rights reserved, except for certain images and logos mentioned above. The rights regarding the pages, the content and the presentation, design of the site are owned by our company and the creator of this site. It is forbidden to display, distribute, publish, copy, modify, sell, license, create derivative works, or use the content of our website for any purpose without the written confirmation from our company and the creator of this website.

However, if you discover content for which you hold a copyright and for which you can provide evidence of ownership, SERFINCON LM will undertake to replace/delete that content within 48 hours of the submission by the applicant of the documents proving the ownership rights of that content.

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